Gods and Monsters Movie
Gods and Monsters is one of the most acclaimed films of the year.  Reviewers have been nearly unanimous in their praise of the performances of Ian McKellen, Brendan Fraser, and Lynn Redgrave, the script and direction of Bill Condon, and other elements including cinematography, music, makeup and special effects.  The film has already received numerous awards, and is nominated for many others to be given later this season. 

Most important, however, is the way the film has touched the minds and hearts of audiences across the country.  We've been hearing from some of them by letter, phone, FAX, email and postings at various bulletin boards on the Internet.  Here's a selection of messages that express the impact of the film on "real people," not film critics.

"If you're very lucky in your life, you will experience some work of art, some movie, live music event, ballet, whatever, where you will cherish and savor every moment of it, when you feel privileged to be experiencing that art.  That's what Gods and Monsters was for me." -- posted at Ain't It Cool News.

"Gods and Monsters is brilliant and fantastic. It has incredible insight in loneliness and life. It weaves so many layers of stories into a whole, while still shining like pearl. If you have not seen this movie, you must do." -- posted at Yahoo!

"I loved the movie. It reached my emotional core." -- Christopher, Orange County, California

". . . the film is a deep and heartbreaking story about loneliness, getting old, and friendship." -- Alfredo, Havana, Cuba

"It is a film of grace, humor, sadness, and most important of all, human dignity. It is a wonderful work of art. Bravo!" -- posted at Yahoo!

"Gods and Monsters is the perfect mix of tears and laughter coupled with an interesting story and brilliant actors. I highly recommend this one!!!" -- posted at Yahoo!

"Eight times I have experienced this lovely piece of film making magic and been floored by it's beauty and perfection. Eight times I have reveled in performances of the highest caliber by the highest caliber of today's acting community. This film has character and plot and nuance and depth and layers and layers of meaning. It is an ode to old Hollywood and a welcoming hand that stretches across the spaces that divide people from one another. It is finely crafted in every respect, and a joy to experience. Bill Condon has created quite a work here, and I am so glad he did . . . " posted at AICN.

"What a wonderful movie. Full of emotion. A very touching story which has made me now want to search for the book it was based on. I want to know more about Whale and the people that were involved in his life." -- David, Las Vegas

"Gods and Monsters is a film that works on so many levels that even days after seeing it, I am making connections." -- posted at AICN.

"The film takes the viewer on a poignant, emotional journey that doesn't center on one topic but many such as Whale's impoverished childhood of class conflict, the horrors of W.W.I, and grappling with homosexual persecution." -- posted at AICN.

"What a beautiful film! Well shot and a touching story." -- Stephanie

"This film left me being able to
relate to both characters and the complexity of emotions as opposed to stereotypes.   This movie is disturbing but is also everything that I thought MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL was going to be. These are
complex and ambiguous characters like in Tennessee Williams. I'm sure going to
tell all my friends and drag some back and see it again." -- Brett, Palm Beach, Florida

"I absolutely loved the film GODS AND MONSTERS. The acting was superb and
it had great literary merit as well.  How can I get a copy of the screenplay?" -- Randy

Congratulations to you Sir Ian on your long-overdue Oscar nomination. Ever since I saw your brilliant work in "And The Band Played On", I have been continually amazed by the exquisite nuance and unbridled passion which you bring to your craft. Your performance in "Gods and Monsters" serves as a reaffirmation to my belief in your capabilities as an artist. I personally applaud the dignity and courage you have shown in standing up to the mockery, phobias, ridicule, and hatred the gay community faces each day. Though I myself am not gay, my heart goes out to all goodhearted people who are viewed as second-class citizens because of their sexual orientation. I think that your involvement in activism has helped to make people more aware of the day-to-day struggles gays must endure. I will be rooting for you on Oscar night. If you do win. . . not only will it be an Oscar for acting, but also an Oscar for education, tolerance, and love. -- Jimmy

Congratulations for taking a chance on a story far from the mainstream, finding the perfect cast and a brillliant director, then creating what's the best, most original and moving film of the year. Surprises like this is why
I go to the movies. Thanks. -- M & S