Gods and Monsters Movie
The New York Times
Sunday, February 1, 1998


"Amazing Film"
Entertainment Weekly
February 6, 1998
"Why wasn't Gods and Monsters up for an award?  If it had been, writer-director Bill Condon's satisfying, inventive, cinemaphile fantasy (based on Christopher Bram's novel Father of Frankenstein) about the last years of Frankenstein director James Whale and a young gardener he fancies, would have been a shoe-in for honors.  It's got Death in Venice depth and great performances by Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser."


Ain't It Cool News
January 23, 1998
by Harry Jay Knowles
"OK folks, I'm sure everyone is wanting to know what I've seen thus far... Forget it, there is only one film that I have seen that the word, "GREAT" cries out to be associated with... That is GODS & MONSTERS."


The Independent Film & Video Monthly, April 1998
"Treasure Hunting at Sundance"
by Cara Mertes & Patricia Thomson
"One of the most controlled, dignified, and nuanced performances from one of England’s greatest actors."

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